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KISS-Electronics originated around the principle that HP test equipment, and its users, are the best ever. Our goal is to return that "boat anchor" test equipment to better than its original working condition. We've taken the HP410C, for example, to the next level of perfection -- by designing state-of-the-art solid-state replacement "boards", installing them and completely re-working the unit itself..


We refurbish equipment and return it to you "ready to go!"

  • Overhaul your Johnson "Ranger", "Valiant", "Viking II" or "Courier".  Click HERE for information.
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  • Or -- Send us your test equipment for a complete rebuild. Email for more information.
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AN/URM 25F RF Signal Generator.
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HP410B. Hewlett Packard voltmeter.
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Johnson Courier
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  AN/URM25D RF Signal Generator.
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Johnson Viking Ranger I or II
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SG/1144 Analog RF Signal Generator
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Refurbished instrument cost is exclusive of packaging (double boxing for all electronics) and shipping costs. We ship worldwide.
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